A Sense of Place

Ben Eggers was sitting in a graphic design lecture at college and feeling a little bored and homesick when he started working on a design that reminded him of the South Shore. He began with an image of the Powder Point Bridge in his hometown of Duxbury. Eggers has since created an entire series of graphic design prints featuring familiar locales, including Brown’s Bank, Rexhame Beach, Duxbury Beach and Bug Light. One of his more recent creations is a winter-themed poster design featuring pond skaters.

“One thing I have cherished growing up on the South Shore is the abundance of hockey culture,” says Eggers. “Even though I never played organized hockey, one of my best memories as a child is trekking through the snow in the woods or cranberry bogs to find good ice. Whether it was with my friends or just my brothers, playing pond hockey became a staple of my winters here.”  

Eggers studied media and communication at St John Fisher College in Rochester, New York, and has a passion for photography and graphic design. So far, his art is just a side hustle, but he hopes to grow his business. Eggers currently sells posters, T-shirts and stickers featuring his South Shore designs and he’s working on a collection of work inspired by more local towns in time for Christmas. To see more of his work, visit bwecoastal.com/design.