Beautiful Horizon

 By Maria Allen

Photography by Kevin Depathy

Some of the best photography is serendipitous—capturing the unexpected beauty of a moment in time. It is for this reason that Kevin Depathy likes to keep a camera on him wherever he goes. Born and raised in Plymouth, Depathy has always enjoyed photography, but started taking his hobby a little more seriously a few years ago. He now has a website where he sells scenic images of Plymouth and other towns around New England. Depath’s favorite time to take photographs is at sunrise or sunset and he often shoots with a drone or GoPro to get different perspectives of iconic spots. 

“All of my shots are taken at random. I always have a camera with me, including a camera that can fly to get those hard-to-reach captures,” says Depathy. “What’s most important is finding the perfect angles to make the viewer more interested in the composition.” To learn more, visit