Bird Fight Brand Takes Flight

By Stephanie Neil  Photography by Derrick Zellmann 

High-quality craftsmanship and a refined, vintage style are two of the trademarks of the newly launched golf brand, Bird Fight. Founders Derrick Zellmann and Charlie Robinson met as art majors at Bridgewater State University and have been collaborating ever since. Zellmann, now a Stoughton-based photographer, and Robinson, a graphic designer and brand strategist from Weymouth, share a creative ethos–and also a love for golf.

Two years ago, while catching up over a slice of pizza and planning their next jaunt to the driving range, the two friends came up with an idea to create an inspiring and inclusive golf brand that would include apparel and accessories. Fast forward to March of this year and the duo was able to make their dream a reality with the official launch of Bird Fight.

The brand name is a play on words that gives a nod to the mission amongst golfers to fight to make a birdie. The company credo, “Live on the Fringe,” exemplifies their desire to respect the traditions of golf and the evolution of the game, which Zellmann and Robinson think everyone, regardless of skill level, should be able to enjoy.

“We hope to bridge the intimidating gap for those dipping their toes into the game of golf,” says Zellmann. “We bring personality to the course while honoring the game with a creative edge and vintage vibe.”

Some of their signature products include The Quiver (a custom-designed tee holder) and embossed leather ball markers, which are both handcrafted in Boston through a collaboration with deWolfe Leather Goods and made from sustainably sourced Nubuck leather. The brand also offers golf tees made from premium white birch hardwood and finished in a rich Koa brown stain and gold overlay, custom cut-and-sewn golf hats featuring original designs on vintage felt patches, soft t-shirts and pennants. Bird Fight also designs special edition merchandise, such as leather yardage books and The Augusta Collection, which features a gator image representing the alligators some may see on the golf courses down south. They also designed a Brookline Collection specifically for the 2022 U.S. Open Championship tournament that will take place in Boston this summer.

The new brand is already catching on, with shipments going out across the country and even the world. “We’ve heard from so many who just started playing golf that this niche brings their personalities to the game,” says Robinson. “More than anything we’re just trying to have fun with it.”