Chilly Walks at Daniel Webster


Photography enthusiast Jamie Bossart grew up in Marshfield and loves snapping pictures of the South Shore landscape. “Although I am not a photographer by trade, taking pictures is a huge passion of mine and I would love to do something with it someday,” says Bossart. “One of my favorite things is going for walks at Rexhame Beach or by the South River and taking pictures at sunset.”

Her photo “Chilly Walks at Daniel Webster” was captured on a cold but sunny day last January, while she and her brother were out for a winter walk at the Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary in Marshfield. “We hadn’t been there in a couple years and were itching to get out that day,” says Bossart, who recalls seeing a few deer on their walk that day.  “I am so lucky to have grown up in such a beautiful place and I love showing my 18-month-old daughter all of my favorite places now.”


Photo by Jamie Bossart