Digital Swag Bag

We hope you had a fantastic time at the BOSS Bash! Please enjoy these amazing special offers from local businesses on the South Shore!!!

$5 Subscription Deal

A special $5 subscription rate for our guests.  Use code BASH2022.

Charles David Special offers

Charles David is welcoming new guests with a special offer (Click Here) 

And existing clients with an equally Impressive offer (Click Here)

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Receive two extra months of benefits. Plus, one Billboard ad in our weekly FYI Email to 3,000+ members. This membership offer IS transferrable and valid for new members only.

30% off at Levitate Brands

Levitate has a huge offer for a limited time! 30% off just until November 5th with offer code BOSSBash at checkout.

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Viva Seltzers 25% off

We hope you tried the delicious Viva Seltzers at the Bash.  You can order right from the website and get 25% off with Coupon Code BOSS.

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Firsherman's Hand Scrub

As seen in South Shore Home Life & Style: MacKenzie's specially formulated products are designed for life lived by the water. Save 30% on your order using SOUTHSHORE30.

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Mom on The Go Comfort Food

The BOSS food truck delivers comfort food right to your door and you get a deal!
10% off first order of our Comfort Food Meals
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One Free Dance Lesson

The incredible people at Fred Astair Dance in Hanover and Plymouth are offering one free lesson to get you started towards solid gold!

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Collective Co. Day Pass

Get a free pass to come in for a productive day of coworking and save 15% on membership or a future day pass with code: BOSS2022.

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Peggotty Provisions

Peggotty Provisions is offering a $20 discount to first-time buyers who use the code: PEGGOTTYISBOSS at checkout.
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Sarcastic Swine

You will be thrilled to use a 10% off offer for any orders - just mention the BOSS Bash.

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Burkes Hot Sauce

Order some delicious Burkes Hot Sauce with a 20% off coupon code BOSS20.

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