Empowering Women: Dr. Julie Hantson

Dr. Julie Hantson

Owner and Pediatric Dentist
Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry

3 Proprietors Drive, Marshfield


What inspired you to pursue dentistry as a career?
My uncle is a dentist, so my exposure to the profession started at a very young age. I remember playing in his office as a little girl. As I grew older, I began to appreciate the uniqueness of dentistry as a career.

What makes your practice unique?
Quality of care is central to everything we do. We offer comprehensive care in a fun environment catered to children. The patients and I go on a “dental journey” together, which begins the moment they arrive at our office. We give our patients quality time.

How do you make the experience of going to the dentist comfortable for kids?
We get the child involved in the visit. We show them our tools and let them play with them. We let the child set the pace and some of the visits take place in our playroom rather than the dental chair. It is important, for the long-term health of the child, that they establish a good relationship with healthcare providers.

What has been one of your career highlights?
I am so grateful for the positive response we have gotten from our patients, their parents and the community. We feel very fortunate to work with wonderful families on the South Shore.

What do you find to be the most gratifying aspect of your job?
My favorite part of my job is seeing a child go from being very apprehensive to excited for his or her next dentist visit. It makes my day, every time.