Empowering Women: Rosemarie Brown

Rosemarie Brown

Co-owner of The Blueberry Muffin

2240 State Road, Plymouth 508-888-9444 bluebmuffin.com

How has your business grown over the years?
We opened The Blueberry Muffin back in March of 1998. We created a great niche and have been very successful with three stores and currently looking for a fourth. Through hard work, perseverance and consistency we have been voted Best Breakfast on the South Shore for years and have become a staple for many people.

Your restaurants run smoothly, even when there’s a rush of customers. What’s your secret?
We do extensive training for all areas of the restaurant and have great staff with a positive attitude—that is key.

How would you describe the menu? Do you have a favorite dish?
I feel the menu touches all tastes and can accommodate the pickiest of eaters. If you don’t want bacon and eggs, you can also have a selection from our award-winning bakery. My favorite dish has to be the homemade corned beef hash. We have been making it the same for the past 21 years and customers love it too.

What do you love most about your job?
I love the fact that it’s my restaurant—something my husband and I created. I also love that all three of my children are involved. I really enjoy greeting my customers and getting to know their families over the years. I also enjoy coming into the restaurants and working and interacting with my employees. Without them, I wouldn’t survive.