Greetings for All Seasons

By Maria Allen Photography by Anne Holden at Shipyard Photography


Anne (Andi) Schroeder was still in high school when she first began doodling whimsical characters with long legs and arms in her notebooks. Over the years, she refined her illustrations and when she was in her 20s she was encouraged to copyright her unique designs. It was at that time that she he vowed to start a greeting card business one day so that she could share her artwork with the world. 

Schroeder later went on to teach middle school reading, but never lost her love for her art. In 2010, she re-launched Andi’s People and set to work expanding her small business. Today, the Duxbury resident is living out her dream by creating and selling an enchanting line of cards and stationery to customers on the South Shore and beyond. 

Schroeder draws and paints each of her illustrations by hand in her small home studio. Her loveable cast of characters captures the joy of life’s simple moments and are pictured partaking in a variety of different activities, from playing golf and piano to knitting, fishing, running, skiing and doing yoga. At a time when the world seems to be tethered to their digital devices, Schroeder’s cards offer an opportunity to slow down and spread happiness in a simple and intentional way—through the mail.

“Sometimes kindness is a handwritten envelope with a stamp on it,” says Schroeder, who hopes her cards help to keep letter writing alive. “Just a simple card is such a huge gift.”

Andi’s People has always been a creative outlet for Schroeder, but the artist became even more committed to her craft after losing her son, who had been one of her biggest cheerleaders, when he died in a tragic accident in 2018. In the future, Schroeder plans to diversify her offerings to include stickers, sticky notes and other branded items.

“Andi’s People is inspired by the simple moments; the moments that matter, like listening to music, playing sports, or sitting at the beach with a book. They represent the things in life that are free and memorable,” says Schroeder. 

“I love that these little people have been with me throughout much of my life, beginning in high school. I am stronger because of them,” says Schroeder. “When I think of all the smiles out there because of this menagerie of little people with long legs and warm smiles I smile too. And I am thankful.” 

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