Inspiring Women In Business: Donna Mavromates

Donna Mavromates

Owner and Principal at MavroCreative
18 Shipyard Dr., #2A, Hingham Shipyard

Since launching MavroCreative in 2010, Donna Mavromates has established herself as a thought leader on website design and branding for business. In the beginning, she ran the business as a side hustle, while serving as the Vice President of the Quincy Chamber of Commerce. Recognizing that many small business owners and entrepreneurs needed assistance with their website design, she set out to help them find their marketing voice.

An entrepreneur at heart, the Hingham resident made the decision to focus her full-time efforts on MavroCreative in 2014. This move allowed her to spend more time on the creative aspects of the business and also gave her the freedom to spend more time with her identical twin daughters. Mavromates has always strived to be an empowerment role model for her daughters, showing them that no matter what your age or skill set, you can always redefine who you want to be and what you want to do.

In 2016, Mavromates expanded her company and launched a BYO (Be Your Own) Website Designer online course, which caters to female entrepreneurs. Individuals learn that it’s never too late to build your own website or pursue your dreams. In addition, hundreds of women regularly gather in a private MavroCreative Facebook group to garner further inspiration and instruction.

Mavromates now has a team of four highly experienced and passionate professionals who provide professional graphic design and website services while maintaining a healthy work/ life balance. In her mind, that is true empowerment— finding that balance and having the ability to make a decision for oneself in work and life.