Inspiring Women In Business: Lisa Adams


Lisa Adams

Owner and Principal Bookkeeper at Adams Financial
197 Rockland St., Hanover


When Lisa Adams established Adams Financial LLC, a full-service bookkeeping agency, in 2014, she knew that she wanted her company to be empowering for her clients and employees. A mother of two, she set out to provide job opportunities for highly educated individuals who yearned for a work/life balance. Her “family first” motto not only supports her growing team of six bookkeepers, but also provides an unmatched benefit to clients as her team works harmoniously to attend to their every need.

Based in Hanover, Adams Financial provides top-of-the-line professional bookkeeping services to a range of businesses. Following an in-depth audit of the client’s financial situation, Adams’ team gets to work organizing and recording expenses through an individualized approach. Over the years the company has grown substantially and they now serve clients both nationally and internationally, along with a wide range of non-profits

Advanced education and enriching life experiences have made Adams uniquely qualified to serve her customers. After serving in the Navy, working as a cryptologist maintaining the integrity of communications, she finished her electrical engineering degree and worked as a Network Engineer. Thanks to this background, Adams has been able to comfortably integrate cutting-edge technology into her bookkeeping.

Clients rave about Adams’ integrity, honesty and impeccable hard work. She prides herself on her streamlined procedures, which give clients the best service in the most efficient way. As a result, she saves companies time and money and frees them from tedious busy work so they can focus on running their businesses.