It Takes a Village

10 Women who help to make life great at The Pinehills.

Written by Stephanie Neil   Photography by Kate Rogan


When most people think of The Pinehills, they think about beautiful homes, miles of walking trails, award-winning golf courses, and convenient shops, services and restaurants. 

However, some of the greatest (and often-overlooked) features of this charming New England village are the wonderful people who contribute to the Pinehills lifestyle in unique and inspiring ways. From hair stylists and sushi chefs to the president and general counsel, these inspiring women make The Pinehills a special place to live and visit.


Trinh Vo

General Dentist, Beacon Dental Health

If you tell Trinh Vo she can’t do something, she’ll show you how she can. Someone once suggested she marry a dentist, but instead, she became one. She spent five years in the army, as a dentist, before joining the Beacon Dental Health practice at The Pinehills. Born in Vietnam, Dr.Vo moved to this country at age 11. Her strong work ethic has led to many accomplishments, and she will teach her two young girls how to do the same, noting: “They will be bilingual and grow up to be strong, independent women.” Indeed, they will—just like their mom.



Kristen White

Sales Director Whitman Homes

Creating the comforts of home is Kristen White’s superpower. As the sales director for Whitman Homes, the builder of the Standing Rock neighborhood at The Pinehills, she works with clients to ensure all of the details of their future living space come to life. And while she loves the creativity that comes with working with the architects, she focuses on the individual client’s needs first. Building a home is a complex experience, especially given the challenges of the last two years. So, she always puts herself in the homeowner’s shoes. “I understand that it is not just a house,” says White. “It’s their life.” 


Melissa Colangelo

Director Farmer’s Market at Rye Tavern

Melissa Colangelo is a locavore who’s passionate about farming, food security and supporting small business. In addition to sourcing local foods for the restaurant, she started the Farmer’s Market at Rye Tavern last year as a safe, outdoor space to shop. It has grown to over 40 vendors and is now situated on the lawn by the tavern’s outdoor bar. Colangelo has a half-acre of farmland behind the restaurant where she grows vegetables that are featured on the Rye Tavern menu, and three more acres at her home to support the local food movement. She enjoys promoting farm-to-table fare and educating the community about where their food comes from and encourages everyone to “get to know your farmer!”


Judith Froman

Executive Director Pinehills Landowners Association

Judith Froman is motivated to make things happen, which she does with her uncanny ability to connect the dots, be it people or situations. It’s a good skill to have as the executive director of the Pinehills Landowners Association where she oversees the bylaws of the community, much like a town manager. But Froman expanded her role to be a facilitator of fun, creating a campus-like environment at the clubhouse where discussion groups and classes can gather. The programming is based on the interests and expertise of the residents of The Pinehills—all of whom Froman naturally connects. 


Deborah Sedares

President and General Counsel, Pinehills LLC

Deborah Sedares is proof the world is a small place. She grew up in Worcester, graduated law school, worked as general counsel for the Worcester Redevelopment Authority, Providence and Worcester Railroad, and the Mass Turnpike Authority before joining land development company Pinehills, LLC in 2000. Earlier this year she was promoted to President, overseeing the master plan for the 3,243-acre property. But there’s serendipity here: Her great uncle Arthur Lamb was the first professional fire chief of Plymouth. His safety plan included building a station on the undeveloped land where The Pinehills is located. And the town fire station that now operates at The Pinehills and protects the forest and countless homes, is dedicated to her uncle. 


Jessica Childers

Chef de Cuisine at Mirbeau Inn & Spa

As a chef who loves cooking both the sweet and the savory, Jessica Childers is a bit of a unicorn in the kitchen. She’s constantly crossing barriers with her menus, incorporating molecular gastronomy and modern techniques meant to impress her guests, which she does consistently. As the Chef de Cuisine at Mirbeau, Childers designs original dishes for the restaurant, working with local purveyors procuring fresh ingredients, which feeds her creative passion for cooking. When she’s not at Mirbeau, she may be competing in charity-based cooking competitions, or focusing on her other love—spending time with her two horses. 


Ruyi Feng

Sushi Chef at The Market

Ruyi Feng is a people-pleaser. And she’s found her niche making people happy by introducing them to different kinds of cuisine. Originally from China, Feng lived in Japan for seven years, which is where she learned the art of sushi-making. She brought that craft with her to Boston when she moved here 30 years ago. Fourteen years ago, she was recruited to work at The Market at Pinehills. She was nervous, she admits, but the community embraced her, and she returned the kindness by serving Market customers authentic Chinese and Japanese dishes, made with love. 


Marisa Picone-Devine

Owner/President, Sarian Company, Inc.

If you took a drink from the faucet today, you can thank Marisa Picone-Devine, who operates the drinking water services at The Pinehills. Her company, Sarian, is a certified woman business enterprise in a male-dominated industry, which she got involved in because she’s always been interested in water and public health. It’s an ever-changing industry as different contaminants and treatments emerge, as do regulations. But she’s a person who likes to learn both on the job and off. Every year she acquires a new skill. One year it was beekeeping. This year, she’s still considering. But one thing is for sure, The Pinehills water system is in excellent hands. 


Julie Cadose

Manager, Charles David Salon & Spa at The Pinehills

There’s nothing better than the Charles David Salon & Spa experience —from the smell of fresh baked cookies when you enter, to the clean, bright, cheerful atmosphere. At The Pinehills location, the woman responsible for that experience is salon manager Julie Cadose. She’ll greet you by name and give you the VIP treatment because hospitality is the most important part of her job. The salon is an extension of the close-knit Pinehills community, which is why she works hard to make sure clients enjoy their visit from the very first moment they walk in. 


Christine Frazier Hagopian

Director of sales and marketing The Pinehills Golf Club

As the sales and marketing director of The Pinehills Golf Club, Christine Frazier Hagopian’s job is to monetize the two premier 18-hole courses. She oversees 75 high-profile events in the six-month season, which have included multiple U.S. Open qualifiers and New England PGA Championships. As a golfer herself, Hagopian can explain the nuances of the courses to clients, resulting in many events returning each year to experience the consistency of the 5-star facility. Hagopian, who is also a Pinehills resident, helped build the nationally recognized brand through continuous outreach. But it’s the local play, welcoming the public to be a member for a day, that grows this golf club.