Local Skincare Line Launch

By Maria Allen

Four years ago, armed with all-natural argan oil and a boatload of determination, Milton entrepreneur Kristina D. Tsipouras built herself a lip balm empire known as Moroccan Magic. Her organic lip balm line is now available in over 30,000 retail stores nationwide.

We recently caught up with Tsipouras to learn about her new Clean Beauty skincare line and her subscription beauty boxes, available exclusively at MoroccanMagic.com.

What inspired you to branch into skincare?
Affordable, clean, non-toxic skincare that actually works is hard to come by, so I set out to create the perfect basics: face wash, exfoliant, lotion, body lotion + wash. I thought our hero ingredients and safe/clean brand standards would transition perfectly into skin and hair care. The new product line follows the European standards of banned ingredients and is made with a base of argan and lavender essential oils. It took over a year of formulating and more than 25 tweaks and tests, but we could not be prouder of our new Moroccan Magic Sleep skincare line.

Moroccan Magic Skincare

Why was it important to you that the skincare line be vegan?
The more spiritual I become, the more I am connected to Mother Nature, the planet and all of the living things on our earth. It simply felt wrong to use animal byproducts in our collection when we could find plant-based ingredients that worked like magic.

Do you plan to create a daytime line as well?
Our Awake line will be coming out later this Summer as well as our amazing Sleep + Awake sheet masks. We love using aromatherapy to promote the benefits of the products.


Do you have any spring beauty routine advice?
Keep it simple. At night, I use our Sleep face wash and I do put on a heavier application of our sleep lotion at night to wake up glowing. I also use our exfoliant at least two or three times a week. An additional tip: make sure you are changing your pillowcase every three or four days.

Can you tell me a little about the subscription boxes you are now offering? 
We decided that in this busy world we wanted to be able to deliver over $200 worth of products right to our customers doorsteps for only $49 a season. We partnered with our favorite like-minded brands in the categories of beauty, gift, home goods + foods. Our Magic Box is exclusively available on moroccanmagic.com.