More Than a Mudroom

There was a time when mudrooms were solely thought of as places to hang backpacks and store boots. But these days, homeowners are opting to dial up the design of these transitional spaces to creating chic “command centers” customized to the needs of modern families.

Glenn and Angelique Meader, owners of the design firm Good Life New England in Norwell, refer to these multi-functional areas of the home as “anchor rooms.”

“The anchor room is undeniably one of the hardest-working rooms in the home, second only to the kitchen,” says Glenn Meader. “We’ve seen a steady rise in the demand for these spaces.”

Anchor rooms feature smart storage solutions and a wide range of amenities ranging from pantries and coffee nooks to plant potting areas and even pet washing stations. Much like traditional mudrooms, anchor rooms see a lot of foot traffic and create a first impression when guests step through the door.

Because of this, anchor rooms are designed to be both durable and stylish, featuring beautiful wallcoverings, practical tile floors, clever cabinet storage and well thought-out lighting plans. No longer an afterthought, these rooms are now a versatile extension of the home. To learn more, visit