Refresh Your Space for the New Year

5 Tips to create a calm and peaceful home environment.

Following the abundant cheer and chaos of the holiday season, we could all use a place to rest and recharge our batteries for the new year ahead. Clearing the clutter and making mindful changes to your home’s decor can have a surprisingly powerful and positive impact on your overall mood. Stephanie Greenstein, the owner of the store Thacher & Spring in Hingham, is somewhat of an expert when it comes to capturing the simple elegance of a casually coastal home. In addition to selling attractive home accents and accessories in her store, she offers home decor refresh services, which are designed to take the stress out of decorating and help clients fall in love with their home again. Here are a few of Stephanie Greenstein’s top tips for turning a home into a relaxing retreat.

by Maria Allen

Less is More

Embrace a minimalist look. You’ll feel a sense of calm when you have less clutter around you. When it comes to styling bookshelves, for example, choosing the right scale and size of your decor is key. Consider swapping out a few smaller items for a single larger, more proportionate piece. 

Soothing Hues

I love decorating with neutrals all year round, but especially after the holiday season. Swap bright colors for a more neutral or subtle color palette (there’s nothing better than winter whites) or use subtle colors, such as gray-blue. 


Natural Touches

Swap your holiday greens for real or faux light-colored or white florals. I like decorating with dried bunny tail bundles or our Melbourne branches. Textured pieces can bring a sense of warmth to a space while keeping a neutral color palette. 

Small Wonders

Pick a spot in your home that you pass by every day (your foyer or bedside table are perfect) and add a little something new that sparks joy in your heart as soon as you see it. This could be a new piece of art, a small vase of flowers, or a candle –anything that is new, and something you love. 


Fresh Scents

Appeal to your senses by selecting lightly scented hand soaps and candles. Place a diffuser in your bathroom or entryway to greet you with a relaxing aroma as soon as you walk through the door.  

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