Rising Tide Apparel

By Maria Allen

Photography by Kjeld Mahoney


A new coastal-inspired lifestyle brand is making waves on the South Shore by selling comfy clothing and accessories that give back to the community. Rising Tide Apparel is the brainchild of Scituate residents Sara Bell and Ashley Schumacher, two moms who met when their daughters became friends, and later bonded over their mutual love for the beach. 

Bell grew up with her toes in the sands of Cape Cod and previously held a marketing position at Google. Schumacher originally hailed from Ocean City, New Jersey, and worked in sales for New Balance. They each eventually settled in Scituate with their families and became enchanted with the town’s scenic shoreline and laid-back vibe. 

The two friends launched Rising Tide Apparel in October, with a collection of cozy t-shirts, hoodies and other items designed for summer days at Peggotty or The Spit. The brand’s name was inspired by the aphorism “A rising tide lifts all boats,” and reflects their core mission to give back to their community. For every item purchased on their website, a portion of the proceeds is donated to a local charity. So far this year, they have helped support such organizations as Scituate Community Christmas, Scituate FACTS, the CORSE Foundation and North and South Rivers Watershed Association.

“It means so much to both of us to be able to give back to our community,” says Bell, who is proud that their feel-good clothing brand can make a difference. Some of their most popular products are the Upwell Hoodie, which features their trademark wave design, and their Scituate Collection, which includes a sweatshirt with a map of the Scituate coastline and a shirt that lists the names of the town’s nine beautiful and unique beaches. 


Rising Tide Apparel
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