Shot @ Love Podcast

By Maria Allen


When photographer Kerry Brett launched her Shot@Love podcast in early 2020, she had no idea the world was headed for a global pandemic. The Hingham resident created the podcast to empower single men and women during their search for love and offer practical tips for online dating success. While it may seem like an unlikely creative endeavor for someone whose career was spent photographing celebrities for luxury magazines, Brett has become somewhat of an expert on popular dating apps.

 “For years I was a single mom swiping my heart out to find love,” says Brett. “Through my many hilarious trials and errors on Tinder, I developed a strategy that works.” Brett came away from her online dating experience with a desire to share her nuggets of wisdom in a meaningful way.

Then came COVID-19. Between stay-at-home orders and increased social distancing, it has been nearly impossible for singles to mingle in person. As a result, many online dating sites have experienced a huge spike in usage. “During this time, the loneliness and isolation have been magnified,” says Brett, who made several podcast episodes related to the benefits of virtual dating. “I hope my listeners feel inspired, uplifted and encouraged to move forward in a positive direction to find the love that they deserve.” 

Brett produces Shot@Love episodes on a weekly basis. She has featured many special guests on her show, including some of her closest South Shore friends. A few of her favorite episodes have been those starring Kelley Doyle on “Friendships through Firestorms,” Maureen Hancock on “Match Made in Heaven,” and Jill Jardine on “This Too Shall Pass.”

When Brett was finally able to reopen her Hingham photography studio for business, some of her first clients were podcast listeners who wanted new headshots for their online dating profiles. They’ve certainly come to the right place. Tune in to Shot@Love wherever you listen to podcasts.