Kundalini Yoga to Cleanse and Reset

Join Aynsley Forsythe, RN, BSN, CYT 500hr, Reiki Master Teacher, for a transformative class focusing on physical reset, energy building, and cleansing. Experience dynamic postures, breathwork, and a Kundalini Yoga kriya, culminating in a powerful mantra and meditation session. This class aims to ignite your ‘Inner Fire’ for purification and renewal, perfectly timed for the … Read more

Expressive Arts for the Mind, Body, & Soul

Expressive Arts for the Mind, Body & Soul is a 4-week course in which participants will connect with their feelings, emotions, and inner wisdom through movement, mindfulness practices, and process-centered art-making. This course is hosted by the wonderful Maura Glynn. Each workshop includes mindful movement to help students drop into their bodies, guided meditation to … Read more

Up the Wall Yoga Workshop

Join us for an exciting and unique yoga experience where well practice yoga on the wall! At Emerald Yoga, we believe that the wall is another prop that can support us in deepening our stretches and aligning our bodies in new ways. This workshop will provide a number of benefits, including gentle spinal traction with … Read more

Reiki Share

Come join us at Emerald Yoga Studio for a special Reiki Share event! Reiki is a form of energy healing that can help to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and improve overall well-being. During this event, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the benefits of Reiki in a group setting, as practitioners work together to channel … Read more

Recipe for a Healthy Lifestyle

Written by Maria Allen  |   Photography by Kerry Brett and Jack Foley Wellness is big business these days, with countless people making resolutions to eat healthier, exercise more and live their best life. The truth is, changing your eating habits can be a challenging goal if you don’t educate yourself and have a system … Read more