The New England Photog


Two South Shore business owners have teamed up to launch a custom photo editing tool.


Do you love taking photos on your phone? Ever wonder how social media influencers make their Instagram feed polished and cohesive? While it’s possible that these individuals are taking the time to painstakingly edit each image before posting–adjusting the exposure, saturation and more–there’s a good chance they’re using a shortcut known as a preset. Two South Shore women recently teamed up to launch The New England Photog, a tool and resource for creatives and entrepreneurs that delivers presets designed to give images an iconic and classic New England vibe.

The New England Photog is the brainchild of South Shore photographer Kate Rogan and Rachael Meyers, founder of the Collective Co. in Scituate. Having both worked with many local startup brands, they knew that there was increasing demand for high-quality photography with an aesthetically pleasing look. Realizing that there was a gap in the preset market, they decided to put their professional backgrounds in photography, marketing and design to use in order to address the needs of the clients they serve.

“The way you tell your story online matters,” says Rogan, who designed the presets (used with the Lightroom for mobile app) to bring out the depth and details of photographs, creating a dreamy editorial feel. Whether you’re capturing images of people or products, the presets allow the user to quickly give their photos a light and airy look, with perfectly saturated colors. Beyond the presets, New England Photog will soon be offering an array of resources to educate users on simple photography tips and tricks.

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