The Original Coastal Cowgirl

Hingham boutique owner Megan Cheek is turning heads with her one-of-a-kind reimagined vintage apparel collection - Meadow.

Written by Jennifer H. McInerney
Photography by Kate Rogan
Models: Anna Daley Young and Sophie MacMillan

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Throughout her career, Megan Cheek has tried her hand at nearly every aspect of the fashion industry, from styling for the LF fashion brand to modeling for the Michael Kors. She eventually discovered that she preferred dressing models to walking the runway. These days the Quincy resident is the owner of Bobbles & Lace Hingham, a boutique clothing franchise that opened in Hingham Square in 2022. She is also the founder of Meadow, an upcycled and elevated vintage clothing brand with a relaxed country vibe.

When Cheek first heard the news that Bobbles & Lace would be offering franchises in Massachusetts, she jumped at the opportunity.

“I reached out immediately because I knew it would be ideal for Hingham Square,” Cheek recalls. After learning that she would be able to sell her own Meadow collection at Bobbles & Lace, the deal was sealed. “I thought to myself, ‘This is it.’ This is like a dream come true.” Her vintage designs fit seamlessly into the Bobbles & Lace philosophy, which emphasizes “making high-fashion fun and affordable.”

Destined for Meadow

Cheek’s passion for fashion and appreciation for high quality vintage clothing was established at a young age. She grew up in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire, where she often tagged along with her mom on trips to antique barns. She always found herself drawn to the racks of vintage clothing and became enamored of the robust fabrics, bold prints and beautiful patterns. She was also attracted to their appealing price point and, throughout high school and college, amassed a closet full of classic clothing that she customized to suit her own personal style.

After graduation from college, she spent a few years living near Newport Beach, California, where she reveled in the confidence that came from decking herself out in her own designs. She was further encouraged by family and friends, who asked “who made your dress?” after she wore a satin, open-back long-sleeve mini dress of her own creation to her cousin’s 2021 wedding.

“That was the moment I knew it was time to launch my own line,” says Cheek. Two years ago, she decided to take formal sewing lessons, bringing her own materials and vision to each session. “I had the idea in my head to create a pin tuck in the back of the shirt to gather some of the loose fabric, but I didn’t know how to sew. With the help of my sewing instructor Deanna Grillo from In Stitches in Quincy, I quickly mastered this signature design that my clients now can’t get enough of.” From there, the Meadow collection was born.

Cheek’s hand-tailored Meadow clothing line celebrates classic, enduring style with a focus on individuality. She collects garments from the 1960s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s made from beautiful, durable fabrics and “reconstructs them into timeless and wearable pieces,” designed to be worn today and for many years to come. In addition, each Meadow top, dress, vest and skirt is, by its very nature, one of a kind. “You can be confident knowing that you’re wearing something unique.”

Meadow apparel is designed to be comfortable, versatile and interchangeable—suitable to wear at home, to the office, running errands or out to dinner—and timeless.  “These are not showcase pieces you pull out once a year, or for weddings only,” says Cheek, who first launched the Meadow line on Instagram in 2021. “It blew up overnight,” she says.

One of her signature designs is the Meadow BoTop, which is made using vintage/thrifted men’s dress shirts.  “This was the first collection I dropped and the night I launched this collection I woke up to multiple orders and sold out within three days,” says Cheek.

“The shirts are cropped to fit the female body, but still have the traditional masculine lines that we all know and love. Cheek has also transformed vintage nightgowns into stylish daytime attire by cropping the length and adding detailed embroidery and lace.

Coastal cowgirl

Megan Cheek (pictured at left) learned to sew by taking classes with Deanna Grillo from In Stitches in Quincy.

The Best Version of Self

At her Hingham boutique, Cheek aims to create a relaxed and inclusive shopping experience. She hand selects clothing and accessories from the Bobbles & Lace inventory that she loves (cowboy boots are always available) and she also offers rack space for her Meadow collection. Most of the items in the shop are priced under $100, she points out.

“I try to bring in pieces that are high-fashion and high-quality materials, that look like a designer dress, but not at a designer price,” says Cheek. “I want customers to come in, put their things down, take a deep breath and know they’re going to be taken care of from head to toe.”

Cheek also offers private VIP Girls’ Night Out packages. Shoppers receive 15 percent off the entire store’s inventory, and champagne and snacks are served. Groups of any size are welcome and no obligation or minimum purchase is required. Her goal is not only to help shoppers find the perfect outfit, but also to instill a sense of confidence and bring out each woman’s personal style. “I love to express myself through fashion,” she says. “I want everyone to love the way they look so they can be the best version of themselves.”

For more information, visit Bobbles & Lace, 84 North St., Hingham,

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A yellow mini dress from the Meadow Laguna Dreams Collection was fashioned from a vintage nightgown and features delicate embroidery and lace details.


Made from vintage/thrifted men’s dress shirts and cropped to fit the female body, Meadow BoTops are all one-of-a-kind and feature a signature pin tuck in the back that gathers some of the loose fabric together for a flattering fit.

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A light blue mini dress from the Meadow Laguna Dreams Collection features pink fringe and embroidery and is paired with black cowboy boots from Bobbles & Lace in Hingham.

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Mod floral maxi dresses from Meadow’s vintage Twiggy Fields collection are styled with cowboy boots and leather belts from Bobbles & Lace in Hingham.

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Blue mini dress from the Meadow Laguna Dreams collection with black cowboy boots from Bobbles & Lace in Hingham.