2021 Empowering Women In Business: Heather Keay


Heather Keay

Founder of JLJ Spiritual Healing

An author, spirit medium, and founder of JLJ Spiritual Healing, Heather Keay is an avid practitioner of numerous alternative healing modalities. The Cohasset resident launched her business 12 years ago with the goal of promoting health and wellness for the body, spirit and soul.

In addition to being a certified Reiki master whose services include Holy Fire® Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy®, she provides private spiritual readings to South Shore clients seeking to connect with the souls of lost loved ones.

Keay has always been highly intuitive, but it wasn’t until she was an adult that she fully realized her unique abilities. She tells the story of her spiritual awakening and journey to become a healer in her book, “Finding Your Spirituality: Unlocking Your Spiritual Gifts.” She also co-authored an anthology titled, “Women Living on Purpose: Real Stories of Women Living with Passion, Intention, and Vision,” which was an Amazon international bestseller.

“I’ve always had a knowing sense,” Keay explains. “The phone would ring, and I would know who was on the other end. After I had my children, my ability to pick up on spiritual energies got stronger and stronger.” She kept her gifts a secret for many years, for fear of being judged, but eventually found the confidence to use her abilities for a higher purpose. Keay studied at The Arthur Findlay College in England, the world’s foremost college for the advancement of spiritualism and psychic sciences, which helped validate her spiritual experiences and encouraged her to put her abilities to good use by helping others. 

“I consider myself to be a spiritual mentor,” says Keay, who meets with clients at her offices in Norwell and Duxbury. “I help people connect with loved ones who have crossed over and I teach them how to recognize signs on their own. Most people who visit my center want to receive a spiritual message and some want advice on how to clear their auras or be more positive.”

“I don’t do this for entertainment or fame,” says Keay, who gets most of her clients by word of mouth and donates all of her profits to charity. “I feel like I was put here to do this work and I hope that sharing my story will help others find the confidence to step into their own truth and follow their heart.”