2021 Empowering Women In Business: Elaine Haffey


Elaine Haffey

Owner of Valise Travel Concierge ​​valisetravelconcierge.com

Fueled by wanderlust and a desire to design one-of-a-kind vacations for her clients, Elaine Haffey makes exploring the world an unforgettable experience. The owner of Valise Travel Concierge, she specializes in crafting unique getaways to exotic locales for families, groups of friends and honeymooners, and she also coordinates boutique tours for small groups that take travelers off the beaten path.

“I don’t like run-of-the-mill things,” says Haffey, who has a very hands-on approach to travel planning. Utilizing her extensive network of local guides and boutique hoteliers across the globe, she is able to offer a more elevated travel experience and showcase hidden gems in a wide range of destinations. From shopping with a fashion expert in Paris, France, to enjoying a chef-led culinary tour in Croatia, each of her trips is highly individualized and designed to nurture personal growth.

“Travel takes us to new places, both physically and emotionally,” says Haffey. “My trips are designed with the intention to inspire travelers on a number of levels: physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.”

Haffey launched her business in 2011, after her three children were grown and her marriage had ended. She decided to follow her heart and spontaneous spirit, which led her to a career she adores. “I know so many women who are desperate to create a fulfilling life, but who are confused and afraid of change,” says Haffey. “I want to lead by example and demonstrate that with planning and skill development, we can bring joy and vibrancy into our personal and professional lives.”

Haffey credits her grandmother for instilling her with a lust for travel at a young age. “She was a widow at 45 and would travel the world and come home and do slideshows for the kids,” says Haffey. “We’d see photos of Mema at a Chinese festival or on a dog sled in the Artic. It showed me what was out in the world and proved it was no big deal for a woman to be an adventurer.”