A Day At The Lake

Encaustic painting by Lara Williams


Working from her Hull studio, artist Lara Williams transforms strips of torn paper, colorful pigments and melted beeswax into impressionistic depictions of nature. Her recent work, “A Day at The Lake,” is part of a series, titled “Restorative Places.” Created during the pandemic lockdown, the collection is made up of paintings that reflect the artist’s emotional ties to specific local landscapes. 

“I recalled these places from memory,” says Williams. “To paint them was a personal escape–a coping mechanism during an otherwise frightening and challenging time.” The encaustic wax medium gives her paintings a sense of depth and the illusion of movement in the water. “I love the tactile nature of the beeswax-based medium and the versatility to build it up, manipulate it, or remove portions of it by applying heat to it,” she says. Williams is having a solo show at South Shore Conservatory in Hingham, sponsored by the South Shore Art Center, from July through September (visit her website for specific dates) and will be part of Hull Artists Open Studios, July 7 and 8, and again on September 16 and 17. Her artwork is also available at Gallery Nantasket, 121 Nantasket Ave, Hull, MA.  For more information, visit larawilliamsfineart.com.

- Maria Allen