Meet The Home Designer

10 Questions with Tom McNeill, AIA, Partner at Hutker Architects.


Photography by Michael Lee

South Shore Home, Life & Style recently had a chance to tour the new Hutker Architects offices at Cordage Park in Plymouth. We caught up with Tom McNeill, AIA, Partner at Hutker Architects, to learn more about the firm’s expansion to the South Shore, hear his personal home design philosophy and find out what he loves most about living on the South Shore.

Hutker Architects has operated for many years out of Falmouth and Martha’s Vineyard. When did the Plymouth and Boston offices open and what inspired this expansion?

The initial expansion was inspired by the need to expand our access to young talent by being closer to the city. The Plymouth office was just the beginning of this, and when it proved to be a draw, we further pursued an expansion to Boston.  

How long have you lived in Plymouth and what do you enjoy most about the community?

I was born and raised here in Plymouth, and my wife and I are also expanding our family here. We spend a lot of time on the water and enjoy the beach/boat days with the kids and their grandparents, and then come back to the harbor for seafood or ice cream and to watch the sunset. 

What is the culture like at the Plymouth offices? Do you meet with clients there?

We have a great culture at our Plymouth office. The team is creative, hardworking, open and friendly, and we enjoy working together. We strive to create a culture of support with a multitude of perspectives from everyone in the office, primarily focusing on enriching the design work.

What distinguishes Hutker Architects from other design firms?

We continually evolve the work, and how dwellings are made and lived in. We seek evolution, built upon a foundation of creating heirloom quality homes for the past 35 years. 


When it comes to residential construction, what is your design philosophy?

A home should be settled into its place and community and work in harmony with its environment and context. 

How does great design influence a home’s living environment?

Design affects the materials, color, texture, light, air, connectivity, space, and all aspects of well-being, including social, physical, and mental well-being. 

What role does sustainability play in your design work?

It is essential to creating an heirloom-quality home. 

Has the pandemic influenced what clients are looking for in their homes?

Yes, it has affected most aspects of a home with greater intensity and focus. Post-pandemic, people appreciate the value of a home and a well-designed home even more than they ever have before. 

Hutker Architects just celebrated its 35th anniversary. What’s on the horizon?

 The future of our firm will focus on evolving the art of dwelling, and our homes will seek a more significant impact on the dweller’s well-being beyond the beauty of a home. 

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job?

Creating a well-made and long-lasting home for families to create memories in and pass down for future generations to enjoy.