Dr. Ann Doggett


Dr. Ann Doggett

Owner of WholeBody Solutions 617-328-6300, WholeBodyBoston.com

In the field of holistic healthcare, Dr. Ann Doggett is something of a pioneer on the South Shore. In 1989, at a time when alternative medicine had yet to gain momentum in the mainstream, Dr. Doggett opened WholeBody Solutions in Quincy. Last year, the business relocated to a larger space in Braintree. The mission of the wellness practice is to heal the body from the inside out using natural remedies, including nutrition counseling, acupuncture and chiropractic services. Dr. Doggett focuses on analyzing the origin of health issues and identifying underlying causes of symptoms, and then customizes treatment plans for each individual patient. 

“My mantra is to help sick people get well and help healthy people stay healthy,” says Dr. Doggett, whose approach to healing begins by providing an accurate study and diagnosis of the patient’s ailments and conditions. “From there, I develop a nutritional regimen with the finest high-quality products to repair the client’s immune system so they achieve optimum health without any side effects.”

Dr. Doggett earned a doctorate of chiropractic from the New York Chiropractic College and a master’s degree in human nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, as well as certifications in nutrition response testing, practical herbal therapy and bioenergetic medicine. 

To further enhance the well-being of her patients, Dr. Doggett recently added body sculpting services, treatments for incontinence and sexual health, non-surgical facelift options, and brain integration for learning disabilities, traumatic brain injury, concussions and post traumatic stress disorder. “Above all, we believe in honesty, personalizing your experience, and guiding you every step of the way on your health journey.”