Empowering Women: Nanette Walsh

Nanette Walsh

Owner of La Petite Maison

142 North St. Hingham 781-741-8393 lapetitemaison.us

What are three words people might use to describe you?
I am a savvy shopper (I have a good eye), devoted Francophile, and creative.

What do you love most about French decor/lifestyle?  
French décor is effortlessly chic and has exceptional design. The French put the “life” into lifestyle.

What are two of your favorite items that you sell? 
Luxurious bedding and vintage treasures that I’ve collected from flea markets in France. Each item has a unique story.

How often do you travel to France and do you still lead tours?
I travel annually to France and have led several shopping and cultural tours.  I am looking forward to doing many more! It’s a wonderful little benefit and perk of my job!

What words of wisdom do you have for aspiring female
business owners?

You must love what you do. Trust your instincts and nurture your customers and your customer will stay with you. I’ve been so fortunate and thankful to have so many wonderful customers who have been with me since I opened 21 years ago.