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Open Barnyard at Weir River Farm

Wednesday Night - Elevated Roots (5)

Half Price Wednesdays at Moonrise Cinemas, Sponsored by Elevated Roots


Liberty Pole Day at Alden House

Kjeld Mahoney

Wildlife Exhibit

Interactive Virtual Investors Meet 2022- Free Tickets


Cinco de Mayo Mexican Cuisine Workshop

Main Banners 2022

International Congress on Pediatrics, Neonatal and Nursing care

Speak for Thyself Awards Dinner

Plimouth Patuxet Museum, Plymouth,

Plimouth Patuxet Museums’ Annual Spring Heirloom Plant

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Wine Tasting & Tapas

Enter the Haggis   
July 17, 2021  
Glasgow Lands Scottish Festival  
Westfield, MA  
 ©Stuart M Berg

Enter the Haggis  
Brian Buchanan -: Fiddle, Keys, Guitars, Vocals   
Craig Downie -Bagpipes, Harmonica, Whistle, Trumpet, Vocals  
Trevor Lewington - Guitars, Vocals    
Mark Abraham - Bass, Vocals       
Bruce McCarthy - Drums   
Rose Baldino - Violin

Enter the Haggis at the Spire