Fabric of Life

A Hingham couple’s designer bedding brand is both beautiful and built for everyday living.

By Maria Allen

Photography by Kate Rogan


The average person will spend close to one third of their lifetime sleeping. For Hingham residents Abi and Joanna Sood, this is more than just an intriguing statistic–it’s a motivating factor that helps drive their life’s work.

The Soods are the owners of Avasa Home, a company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of luxurious linens and other home furnishings using natural, sustainable and organic fabrics. From casually elegant cotton sheets to decorative pillows and throw blankets, their collection caters to a modern aesthetic. Avasa Home products are structured, tailored, and predominantly gender-neutral (free from flowers and other busy patterns), which makes the line extremely versatile and appealing to a wide demographic.

“We aim to create beautiful, sophisticated bedding that is practical for today’s busy families,” says Abi Sood. “You can have a gorgeous linen duvet that can still be thrown in the wash when your dog decides to jump on the bed. Or have a silk quilt to dress up a room or a soft matelassé blanket to add the perfect layering piece, depending on the weather.”

Born and raised in India, Abi grew up around the textile industry and his family’s product sourcing business has been operating there since the 1960s. He worked in the family business for a short time before deciding to launch his own textile manufacturing company. With a keen eye for design, a deep knowledge of the handicrafts available and a technical understanding of the production process, Abi launched Avasa Home in 2014.


Joanna and Abi first met while they were both studying at the University of Connecticut, but it wasn’t until several years later that the two reconnected and later got married. They lived in India for several years while Avasa Home was first getting off the ground, but moved back to the United States in 2019 to be closer to Joanna’s family in her hometown of Hingham.

The Soods work out of a small office in Hingham Square and a home office that comes in handy whenever Abi has to make 5 a.m. phone or video call to the factory in India where Avasa Home products are made. Joanna handles the business side of things as the company’s CEO, while Abi serves as the creative director. In this role, he is responsible for coming up with creative ideas for new textile designs. He finds inspiration in the patterns and textures that he sees in his day-to-day life, specifically in architecture and nature.

“I am drawn to geometric patterns and symmetry,” he says. “I might be walking down the street and see a brick or stone pattern on the sidewalk and think how it could translate to a quilting or embroidery pattern. Seeing ripples on water could spark an idea for a new texture or pattern.” Once Abi has come up with a concept, he works with his design team to play with the scale of the pattern and create digital renderings. Fabric squares featuring the new design are later sent to Abi to approve.

The Soods take the quality and sustainability of their products very seriously. They work hard to reduce their company’s carbon footprint, recycling gray water in their factory and using natural undyed fabrics whenever possible. Abi currently serves as president of the board of directors for the Sustainable Furnishings Council, a member-based organization committed to improving sustainability in the furnishings industry throughout North America.


For more information, visit avasahome.comavasahome.com.


“We focus on using natural, sustainable fabrics, raw materials and processes in everything we do,” says Abi. “We challenge ourselves to push the boundaries and do things differently, making unique products that complete a look or become the standalone piece. One of the biggest compliments we receive is when we are told we are different and a customer hasn’t seen anything like what we are doing elsewhere.”

The Avasa Home collection is featured at showrooms in Las Vegas, Nevada, High Point Market in North Carolina and at the Dallas Market Center. This past year the company was a finalist for “Best Textile Brand” in The ARTS Awards, which is presented each year by the creative home furnishings network at the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market.

Avasa sells directly to interior designers and retailers and currently does not sell directly to consumers.

“We work with some amazing South Shore designers like Liz Berry from Elizabeth Berry Interiors, Jeannie Hickey from JMH Designs, and Terri Gordon from Blume & Co. Interior Designs,” says Abi. “You can also buy some of our pillows at Doublemint Home in downtown Hingham. We would love to have that list grow and work with more South Shore designers and brick and mortar stores to bring Avasa into more local homes.”

In Sanskrit, the word Avasa translates to dwelling or shelter–a place to rest your head. The Soods take pride in knowing that their products help transform simple bedrooms into comfortable and relaxing sanctuaries and promoting a good night’s sleep.