Inspiring Women In Business: Francine Fontana


Francine Fontana

Owner of Fontana Coaching

[email protected]

A certified DreamBuilder and Life Mastery coach, Francine Fontana helps her clients design and manifest a life they love living. She utilizes a strengths-based coaching model known as Evocative Coaching and is passionate about teaching people how to unlock their true potential and achieve amazing success.

During her one-on-one coaching sessions, Fontana encourages people to stop thinking about what they “should” be doing and instead aim to live a life that reflects who they are as a person. “Everyone knows what lights up the fire inside of them,” says Fontana.

One of the reasons that Fontana believes in the power of personal coaching is because she’s gone through the exploratory process herself. Raised in Brazil, Fontana came to the United States after college and got her MBA from Suffolk University. She went on to work for a Fortune 500 company and start a family, but in her heart she knew there was still something missing. It was the discovery of transformational coaching that gave Fontana the courage to follow her own heart and establish her business, Fontana Coaching.

“So many people live their lives the way I used to, going through the motions and restricted by their current circumstances,” says Fontana. “When I found coaching, everything clicked for me. I love helping people transform their lives. It is my passion and my purpose.”