Inspiring Women In Business: Joanna Dutra

Joanna Dutra

Founder of The Creative Confidant

[email protected]

After spending 20 years in brand marketing for Fortune 500 companies and enjoying her two young children, Joanna Dutra felt a pull to return to the work force under her own terms. She designed The Creative Confidant to give clients a vehicle to improve, recognize and strengthen their talents.

Dutra holds a BA in English and Fine Arts from Georgetown University and an MBA in Marketing and Organizational Behavior from Boston University. She uncovered a passion for collaboration and bringing together unique individuals to fortify a team. With an awareness that people aren’t products, she uses her marketing expertise to help organizational leaders discover their creative identity. Her background in stand-up comedy and theater affords a natural ease in front of an audience. Many people are afraid of public speaking, but Dutra aims to make them feel more confident.

“I’ve always had this dream that I would provide motivation for people,” says Dutra. “My primary goal with The Creative Confidant is to help people become the very best version of themselves. Every time I help a person, a company, or a brand, I am achieving the next step in my life mission.”

In her inspiring workshops, Dutra reminds people that sometimes you have to be patient while others recognize your talents. In these challenging times, we need to have a hopeful and positive vision for the future now more than ever.