Inspiring Women In Business: Helena Shumakin


Helena Shumakin

Owner and General Manager at Gentle Aesthetics Medical Spa
150 Grossman Drive, Braintree, suite 304

The owner and general manager at Gentle Aesthetics Medical Spa in Braintree, Helena Shumakin has always believed that taking good care of the skin and body is an essential part of a person’s overall wellness. When she established her business in 2016, her goal was to help clients achieve the best rejuvenating and corrective outcomes possible so that they look and feel healthy and beautiful.

Gentle Aesthetics specializes in safe and effective skin rejuvenation and non-surgical corrections using state-of-the-art technologies as well as proven fillers and neurotoxins administered by skilled nurses and doctors. The business also offers laser hair removal and has two CoolSculpting machines for quick and effective body fat reduction in a private and comfortable environment.

Client comfort has always been Shumakin’s top priority. Her team is always friendly and compassionate, taking the time to listen to client concerns and providing complete consultations that include skin and/or body evaluation and a custom treatment plan.

“While appearance is far from everything that makes a modern woman who she is, there is such a boost of confidence when we know that we look our best, our skin is healthy and glowing, and wrinkles and imperfections are kept in check,” says Shumakin. Ultimately, she and her team are committed to supporting and empowering women while providing the top level of services to help clients achieve their goals. At the end of the day, Shumakin loves nothing more than seeing how happy her clients are with their results.