Jessica Williams


Jessica Williams

Principal and Founder of SAIL Architects

For more than 20 years, Jessica Williams, AIA, has guided her clients through the process of building their dream homes, evaluating their unique needs and desires and devising creative solutions to bring those dreams to fruition. In 2001, while raising her children, she launched Williams Design Studio, specializing in a range of home design projects, from well-organized mudrooms to 8,000-square-foot shingle-style houses. In 2021, Williams founded SAIL Architects, embarking on this new venture with a focus on sustainable design, contemporary coastal style, and careful consideration for the well-being of her clients.  

“Buildings have a huge impact on the environment and connecting to nature is the best way to make our spaces contribute to our well-being,” says Williams. “My success as an architect comes when I create gorgeous, unique buildings that create as much or more energy than they need, and bring my clients joy every time they arrive home.” 

In addition to aesthetics and sustainability, Williams and her crew emphasize the form and function of architectural design: how the homeowners will utilize and experience their space on a daily basis. “Architecture is intended to be moved through,” she says. “Spaces that provide the right mood—whether energetic and family-oriented, or Zen-focused and relaxing—are thoughtfully designed for scale, views, light, organization and the connection to nature, physically and visually.”