Julie Ryan and Kristin Henaghan


Julie Ryan and Kristin Henaghan

Owners of Classic Tile & Stone, Inc 781-741-5230

Ever since Julie Ryan and Kristin Henaghan launched their business, Classic Tile & Stone, Inc. in 2003, the two sisters have been helping South Shore designers, decorators and homeowners add personal style to their kitchens and bathrooms through the selection of unique and beautiful tiles. While some of the people who visit their Hingham showroom already have an idea of what they are looking for, many rely on Ryan and Henaghan for their expert guidance.

“When a new client comes into our showroom they are usually very excited because they are finally doing a long-awaited renovation or building their dream home,” says Henaghan. “We encourage our customers to bring us photos and sometimes building materials that they are using as inspiration.” In some instances, the women will also do site visits to get a first-hand look at the space being decorated. “We listen to our client’s wants and needs and we help them decide on materials that will not only aesthetically look good but also function well for their families.”

Ryan and Henaghan have developed very strong relationships in the design community. Prior to launching their business, they both worked at the Boston Design Center. Julie created showroom displays and Kristin was a showroom manager. It was there, surrounded by recreations of gorgeous kitchens and bathrooms that the two women fell in love with the transformational power of tile. After 10 years working in Boston, the duo decided to open their own tile showroom on the South Shore. 

A respected women-owned business in a very male dominated industry, Classic Tile & Stone is a destination for everything from beautiful ceramic and glass tiles to cement and natural stone. Ryan and Henaghan have worked on many exciting design projects over the years, including gorgeous vacation homes all across the United States, chic boutique hotels and a few homes that have been filmed and featured on television. Being an owner-operated showroom is one of the factors that sets their business apart. “Clients love that they are working with the owners and not a salesperson who is ready to clock out at 5 p.m.,” says Henaghan. 

“I really think our customer service is what keeps clients coming back over and over again,” says Henaghan. “We want our clients to leave knowing that no matter the size or scale of their project that their job is important to us and we want them to be happy and love their space.”