2021 Empowering Women In Business: Liz Theresa


Liz Theresa

Owner of LizTheresa.com Host of Liz on Biz Podcast

Even the savviest business owners can struggle to get their message across. It is in these situations that Liz Theresa, owner of LizTheresa.com, works her magic. An online business coach, website designer and copywriting queen, she specializes in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners become their own cheerleader and connect more effectively to their target audience.

“It’s my mission to help entrepreneurs rise and be the stars of their own business,” says Liz Theresa. Prior to launching her business 10 years ago, she was chasing her own spotlight, albeit in a different way. An English major who minored in theater, she dreamed of being a professional actor and spent a semester in college living in New York City working for a casting agency. At the conclusion of her internship, she returned to the South Shore feeling disillusioned by the entertainment industry. After obtaining a master’s degree in English from Bridgewater State University, Liz found herself facing a sluggish job market, so she decided to focus on helping her parents promote their small business. It wasn’t long before she discovered that not only did she have a knack for online marketing--she also had a passion for it.

Fast forward to today and Liz has built a thriving business and is recognized as an expert in her field. Utilizing her flagship branding and web design program, Concept to Creation, Liz serves not only as a website designer and developer, but also as a digital strategist, teaching clients how to attract more people to their website and use words to convert “clicks” into cash. She puts her writing skills to good use by crafting compelling website content that brings her clients’ ideas to life. Think you’re the next big thing? Liz is passionate about mentoring business stars of tomorrow in her Be the Star coaching programs. 

Another way Liz shares her knowledge with the world is through her acclaimed Liz on Biz podcast, which Forbes named “One of 12 Small Business Podcasts That Will Help You Sell More.” Her podcast is upbeat and entertaining as well as informative. “I love making people laugh and getting them excited about their business,” she says.

Everything Liz does is aimed at empowering her clients to reach new levels of success. “People hope to be discovered, but a big break isn’t something you wait for. It is something you make yourself. The moment you decide to start treating yourself like the CEO of your own company, you’ll begin to create the life you’ve always wanted to have.”