Local Color


Local Color

Photograph by
Mark Grandmont of MPathImagery

Mark Grandmont has been passionate about photography for as long as he can remember. “I have a memory of my parents giving me a Polaroid SX-70 camera for Christmas when I was a young boy,” says Grandmont. “Although it hasn’t been used in decades, I still own that camera to
this day.” 

Once a side hobby, photography is now Grandmont’s full-time gig. He specializes in capturing dynamic images of coastal landscapes across New England (one of his favorite subjects to shoot are lighthouses), as well as real estate, architecture, automotive, marine photography and occasionally weddings. When shooting landscapes, Grandmont often spends a good deal of time planning out his images, sometimes picking out a particular lighthouse or nautical spot months or even years in advance. Some of his images, however, are more serendipitous in nature. Such was the case with his photo of vibrant fall foliage by the railroad tracks, which he captured in his hometown of historic Taunton in early November of last year. 

“I try to go for walks as often as I can anxd on this particular day I noticed that the color was really hanging on,” says Grandmont. “I didn’t have my camera at the time, so I forced myself to head back out after I got home and grabbed my camera.” To view more examples of Grandmont’s scenic landscape photography, check out his Instagram
@mpathimagery_photography or website