New Flavors at a Landmark Restaurant

The Grill at Fairview Inn delivers a delicious combination of creative comfort food and a beautiful ocean view.

By Gabrielle S. Martin  Photography by Jack Foley

Earlier this year, a pair of local restaurateurs set out to breathe new life into a landmark Marshfield restaurant. Situated on the edge of the Brant Rock peninsula, The Grill at Fairview Inn offers diners a warm, inviting atmosphere, creative comfort food and panoramic ocean views as far as the eye can see.

Established in 1874, the historic Fairview Inn has been a popular destination for generations. Baseball legend Babe Ruth and Boston Mayor James Michael Curley were two of the inn’s more famous visitors. During the Prohibition Era, The Fairview became a popular hotspot thanks to an underground tunnel that ran from the restaurant’s basement out to the ocean that served as a secret smuggling route for bootleg liquor. Over the years, the property has undergone different iterations but has retained a classic New England charm. Most recently, the management of the iconic inn passed into the hands of husband-and-wife team Arty Bruno and Tina Carr of Kingston, who are excited to be continuing the property’s legacy.


The Grill at Fairview Inn officially opened its doors in late April. Many customers who previously frequented Arty and Tina’s former takeout-centric establishment, Grill 139 , have already become regulars at the new restaurant. “The Fairview lends itself to all seasons, whether you’re listening to live music on the patio in the summer or sitting inside by the fire and enjoying some comfort food in the winter,” says Carr.

The menu is curated by property manager and head chef Arty Bruno, who offers a selection of crowd pleasers as well as daily specials. Should you find yourself at the restaurant on a Friday night, you can’t go wrong in ordering the Filet Formaggio, a pepper-seared center-cut filet with a red wine reduction that is served with asparagus and zucchini and garnished with melt-in-your-mouth garlic-and-herb goat cheese. This dish pairs well with a glass of the McNabb Ridge Merlot. If you’re in the mood for a delicious fall-inspired dish, try the caramelized apple and carrot bisque. Popular appetizers include the corned beef egg rolls that come stuffed with shredded cabbage, Swiss cheese and mustard aioli and served with Guinness-grain mustard for dipping.

The menu also features specialty sandwiches, including several signature grilled cheeses (we sampled the braised short rib grilled cheese off the special list, which is served on an inverted brioche bun with a flavorful combination of avocado, apple and bacon with a side of hand-cut fries). We also love the ambitious Sunday brunch menu, which features items like steak and eggs and a So Cal Pizza, topped with scrambled eggs, chopped tomato, bacon, corn, onion, mixed greens, avocado a mozzarella-blue cheese blend and roasted shallot ranch dressing.

Owners Arty and Tina, who have four children together, understand the importance of affordability and strive to reflect this in their pricing and their generous portion sizes. They are also dedicated to building relationships within the community and supporting other local businesses. “The community here is like nothing I’ve ever seen,” says Carr. “It’s a townie town.”

In addition to serving as an exciting dining destination, the Fairview Inn offers seven guest rooms, each with a view of Cape Cod Bay. “Not everybody gets to wake up to this view every day,” says Carr, “but everybody should experience it at least once.” For more information, visit