Not-Your-Average Doughnuts

By Maria Allen, Photo by Jack Foley


Longtime friends Janelle Brooks of Weymouth and Lynne Gray of Hanson are the founders of a boutique baking business known as The Doughnut Bar. The two friends, who have worked as bartenders for years (Brooks at Bay Pointe Waterfront Restaurant in Quincy and Gray at Stockholders Steakhouse in Weymouth), always dreamed of starting a side hustle together. Inspired by their shared love of gourmet doughnuts, the two friends started experimenting with recipes and unique flavor combinations. Last summer, they started selling their doughnuts at the Weymouth Farmers Market and before long, their little dream had grown into a sweet business.

Brooks and Gray still tend bar, and consider their bombshell doughnut flavor combinations to be the perfect pairing for a great cup of coffee--or a beer. You can find a rotating selection of The Doughnut Bar’s flavors at all four Coffee Break Cafe locations and they do a pop-up event every Sunday at Barrel House Z in Weymouth, with new flavors offered every week. Both cake and brioche-style doughnuts are available. Favorite doughnut flavors include chocolate Butterfinger, fruity pebbles, blueberry cake, apple cider, strawberry shortcake, maple bacon and s’mores. The Doughnut Bar also offers custom orders for birthdays, baby showers, weddings and other special events. For more information, follow them on Facebook or email [email protected].

Fruity Pebbles Donut
Barrell House Z Donut