Painting Through Quarantine

The last few months have been filled with a mix of emotions for Hull artist Pamela Copeman, who documented her time in quarantine by creating a COVID-19 series of paintings. Thus far, she has created six paintings, each with a specific focus and dedication. The first few images in the collection are dark and moody, representing the fear and distress she was feeling during her first few weeks of isolation. '

“It is such a departure from my representational style but I have found these painting to be very cathartic,” says Copeman, who is best known for filling canvases with bright, cheerful colors. One painting depicting a masked face and images of an ambulance, stethoscope and a stretcher was inspired by the many healthcare workers on the front lines. Another image, filled with boxes, hearts on windows, fruits and vegetables, and a U.S. mail truck, is dedicated to all of the grocery store workers and delivery people who helped everyone get their necessities.

“When I was working on these canvases I found I was painting with my emotions,” says Copeman. “It was very difficult. I found each brushstroke was a prayer. When I completed my work for the day, I was exhausted and literally collapsed on the sofa.” Her most recent painting is noticeably brighter than the rest. “This is my interpretation of a hopeful summer, being able to boat and be with friends and my granddaughters,” she says. To see more images from Copeman’s COVID-19 series, follow her on Instagram at @pamelacopemanart.