Treasures – Marshfield artist Cathy McCarthy

Painting by Cathy McCarthy

Marshfield Artist

With a slice of cake and a cup of coffee or tea featured in nearly all of her “world through a window” paintings, nobody captures the essence of a cozy room quite like Marshfield artist Cathy McCarthy. “I always start with a comfy chair,” explains McCarthy, “Then I decide whether a cake is needed to complete the mood or feeling of the painting…I always want cake.”

Over the past six or seven years, McCarthy has painted a series of 30 such large-scale works with a similar dreamy sense of home. She describes her artistic style as whimsical realism and her paintings are rich in color and texture. While the interiors depicted in McCarthy’s paintings come from her imagination, the view outside the window is inspired by real South Shore landscapes. One of her pastel paintings, titled “Treasures,” recently won Best in Show at Scituate Art Association’s Juried Show.

McCarthy often incorporates bits of personal symbolism or metaphor into her works, but says that she prefers viewers make their own interpretations. “When the world gets a little crazy, my paintings help remind me of the simple pleasures you can create for yourself and hopefully viewers find peace looking through the window.” Many of McCarthy’s paintings now reside in private collections, but you can see more examples of her work at Gallery Nantasket in Hull, Scituate Art Association’s Front Street Gallery, the Scituate Town Hall, and at her home studio, which is open by appointment.

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