All-Natural Energy Bites


Amanda Gilman recently turned her energy bite side hustle into a full-time business. The Pembroke resident previously worked at an investment bank in New York City for 10 years. Between the long hours and the traveling, she found herself searching for easily accessible snacks to keep her energy up. When she failed to find something she liked, Gilman began experimenting with recipes in her own kitchen. She ended up creating a series of all-natural, flavor-packed snack bites, which she shared with friends and coworkers. Last year, fueled by the popularity of her products, Gilman decided to follow her passion for health and wellness and launched AMG Snacks.

The company currently offers six flavors of energy bites: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Espresso, Almond Chai, Strawberry Vanilla, Cherry Pistachio, and Chocolate Raspberry. Low-sugar add-ins like spices and freeze-dried fruits make the flavors pop. The energy bites are shelf-stable, plant-based, free or preservatives, non-GMO and certified vegan and gluten-free. Each bite contains healthy fats, fiber and protein to give you the proper nutrition to get you through a busy day. Gilman’s favorite flavor is Espresso. “I am a coffee fanatic and love eating them to give me fuel before jumping on my Peloton,” says Gilman, who developed all of the snack bite recipes herself. She partnered with a co-packing kitchen, Boxford Bakehouse in Middleborough, to handle production.

There are six 90-calorie energy bites in each package and the bags are resealable to make it easy to enjoy healthy snacks on the go. AMG Snacks are currently sold at Vela Juice Bar in Plymouth, Revive in Weymouth and Good Health in Quincy and Hanover, as well as online at 

— Maria Allen