Hometown Close-Up

How well do you know Hingham? We sent photographer Jack Foley out to capture close-up snapshots of local sights around town. See if you can recognize where each image was taken. Turn the page to check your answers! Photography by Jack Foley 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 … Read more

Japanese Language Enrichment

Hingham students embark on a cultural journey. Written by Jennifer H. McInerney  Photography by Kate Rogan At first glance, the students gathered in front of the blackboard at the Hingham Community Center may look like any other class—but listen closely and you’ll discover that they’re greeting each other not in English, but in Japanese. The … Read more

Family Music Time

Hingham educator brings interactive musical play to children and their families By Jennifer H. McInerney Two mornings a week at the Hingham Community Center, it’s Family Music Time! Babies and toddlers reach into their own little bag of instruments and props to pull out egg shakers, rhythm sticks, handheld bells, and colorful scarves and ribbons … Read more


Fostering community one photo at a time. By Maria Allen  Photography by Brooke Bartletta In a world that too often feels socially disconnected and politically divided, photography has become a tool for bringing diverse groups of people together and fostering a sense of unity. Inspired by French artist JR’s global Inside Out Project, Hingham photographer … Read more

Chasing Sunsets

Chasing Sunsets By Maria Allen Photography by Kjeld Mahoney At the end of a long day, the one thing Hingham’s Alicia Secor wants to do more than anything else–is set sail. “It has been my lifelong passion,” says Secor, who first learned to sail at the age of 14, cruising a daysailer around Cotuit Harbor … Read more

The Wonders of World’s End

Exploring the history and highlights of Hingham’s beloved natural refuge. By Jennifer H. McInerney Photography by Jack Foley and Trustees of Reservations  As far back as colonial times, the 251-acre expanse of undeveloped land that juts out between Hingham and Hull Bay has been fittingly referred to as World’s End. Situated at the back of … Read more

The Nature of Things

Hingham Land Conservation Trust Turns 50 Written by John Galluzzo  Photography by Jack Foley and Hingham Land Conservation Trust “Away from Hingham’s busy streets, are peaceful parcels of land where the only sounds are from birds and the soft breezes that flow through the trees,” says Don Kidston, a board member for the Hingham Land … Read more

Historical Scavenger Hunt

Hingham is filled with markers and memorials dedicated to those people—and pets—who made a difference in the community’s success Written by Dave Kindy  Photography by Jack Foley Where It All Started In September 1635, Rev. Peter Hobart and other English settlers arrived on these shores and established the town of Hingham. Though it’s hundreds of … Read more

The Dance Aquatic

Exploring the ethereal world of underwater photography with Hingham photographer Alyssa Fortin. Photography by Alyssa Fortin “Fleur de Lotus” Since launching her business almost 25 years ago, Alyssa Fortin’s photography career has expanded to encompass a wide variety of styles and subject matter. Known locally for capturing gorgeous portraits of children and families in Hingham … Read more

Culinary Game Changer

Bringing city flair to Hingham, NOMAI impresses diners with an inviting atmosphere and innovative menu of Asian-inspired New American dishes. By Maria Allen Photography by Derrick Zellmann Brian Moy, Owner NOMAI Sipping on tiny cups of sake beneath the sunset-red canopy of a convincingly lifelike Japanese maple tree, guests dining at NOMAI in Hingham can’t … Read more

Style Makers

By KATHLEEN MCKENNA Photography by KATE ROGAN Fueled by creativity, the founders of three fashion-forward Hingham businesses have developed a local following by designing boutique apparel and accessory brands. Each has found a way to balance the demands of work and family and adapt to the challenges of a global pandemic, all while transforming their … Read more

Heart of Oak

An innovative developer creates a tiny-house office on wheels.