Silver Sisters Unite


By Maria Allen

Photography by Sarah Hinchey


Many people spend a significant amount of time and money coloring and camouflaging gray hair. However, a growing community of women across the country are choosing to ditch the dye and embrace their natural hair color. Photographer Sarah Hinchey specializes in capturing beautiful portraits of women at every age and stage. She recently hosted a special gathering of stunning “silver sisters” from across the East Coast at her Hingham studio.

“The goal is to support and be kind to one another,” says Judith Davis, a 66-year-old Harwich resident with long, flowing silver locks. “Life isn’t over when you reach 60, 70 or even 80.” For Davis, choosing to go gray was a personal decision she made years ago. While not all of her friends initially thought it was a good idea, she found her gray hair not only helped her feel more free, it also started turning heads. In fact, it was thanks to Davis' silver hair that she was “discovered” by a modeling scout at age 57.

Each of the women who took part in the Hingham photo shoot work as models. The group included Victoria Wright  from Springfield Massachusetts, Paula Jean Loud from Sudbury, Massachusetts, Betsy Reed from Connecticut, and Heather Henriksen who came all the way from Maine. Previously, they would often see each other at casting calls, but never had time to really get to know one another. “We wanted to create a sense of community,” says Davis. “Everyone had a great time and Sarah did a fantastic job at making everyone feel completely at ease.

“Our mission is to create an empowering photo experience,” says Hinchey. “It was so wonderful to have the chance to get to know each of the women and be able to capture their individual beauty.” For more information on Sarah Hinchey’s portrait studio, visit